Web Statistics Why investors are turning to Asia - Why investors are turning to Asia

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Why investors are turning to Asia - Why investors are turning to Asia

Why investors are turning to Asia

"Why investors are turning to Asia" 

in the news Why investors are turning to Asia? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader can see, that Growth is picking up in Asia, where equities are cheaper compared to the U.S.

We have had 12 great weeks on the market with many leading assets rising, and that has partly to do with very low levels of volatility globally. And when volatility is low, asia trades with benefits.  There is strong trade growth in asia with treasuries remaining sideways, plus the fact that every time TRUMP has a spart few minutes, he decides to start tweeting negatively about china and asia. So this is actually not hurting them, its only helping them get more exposure. 

Also with the fantastic run in the US, asia is comparatively cheaper, to the US stock markets. And of course growth is picking up in many of the leading assets too.  

There were two arguments coming into the start of the year, were high treasury yields, and the other one being the positive growth in Asia, because there is an ideology that Asia is usually seen as a laggard in terms of the US or European economies. But given the developments this year, growth in Asia has as surprising upside, both in macro and in the earnings space. So we saw that there are charts reflecting that, and here is one.....

CHECK OUT THE CHART BELOW, it seems to be in a steady up trending channel right now.....

Given that the markets are still sitting nicely, where is the most interest in Asia right now? That we think is the most important question.  Well there is still lots of growth in the emerging space or MSCI china. Those are hot on the lips of some bigger traders right  now and we thought we would pass on this information.  
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