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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Historic Run For Tech Sector - Historic Run For Tech Sector

Historic Run For Tech Sector

"Historic Run For Tech Sector" 

in the news Historic Run For Tech Sector? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader can see right now, a Historic Run For Tech Sector 

As the nasdaq pumps itself up higher and holds, what we have found interesting, we are up 23 or 27 sessions, and we can tell you that when we look back to our charts, going right back the market has never ever done that before. We are living in very interesting times. But this next chart might take your fancy!?

Look at the XLK chart or the [ technology sector ]. What a fantastic chart!!! :-0 You can clearly see how this chart has been in an uptrend for many weeks now....[see below]

Historic Run For Tech Sector

I guess when you go and look back at history, there are 2 ways to look at this :-

1) The first you could think OH NO, this is dot com boom type stuff, sell everything, lets panic!!!!! 


2) the smart way to look at it, is MOMENTUM BEGETS MORE MOMENTUM, and its good news in the longer term we could be looking at more gains. 

So which is it? 

Well before we answer that we must admit, we have been witness to incredible momentum here. Have these bigger big cap, powerful technology companies  taken off. Yes! Of course. But its nothing like the growth and skyrocketing we saw back in 1999. What we are looking at is the facebooks, the apples, and other companies like nvidia have exploded higher, and represent 11% of the 22% gains in the nasdaq. So in other words the top 5 holdings. 

Its nothing short of incredible!!!

The question is will this continue? We think sure....at some pace, but in relative perspective you might be better looking at other pockets of the market, that are not gaining huge attention. 

Such sectors could be Utilities or finanicals, or even the transports, which have been lacking over the last several months. 

Will momentum go forward from here. Well, we would not bet against it, but as to reiterate, as a relative perspective point of view, there might be better value laying hidden in the market right now. 

A lot of this huge run in technology is based on earnings and revenue. Especially earnings growth. Earnings growth came in recently at about 12%, and that is what we can be expecting over the next 12 months. Valuations however, on a general basis are sitting at about 21 right now, which is looking a bit to expensive and overbought to us right now. But that does not mean we cannot go higher, of course. 

So all in all, we are following what the smart money is doing here. While they do not expect a 2008 type correction, they see valuations a bit [pricey] here and continue to be cautiously optimistic. 

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