Who is Sentiment Trader?

My name is Chip.  I’m from Australia (and no we do not say stuff like "Shrimp on the barbie" lol). I’m a happy go lucky person that trades futures & commodities full time from my work room. I have many VIP & private clients I help and teach here right on the blog. VIEW THEIR TESTIMONIALS HERE!

What kind of name is Sentiment Trader?  

Well, the name is quite easy to explain. I have been a successful trader over the years, and I believe it boils down to being taught by some of the best floor traders here in OZ. My mentors taught me the market is nothing more than an eating, breathing, sleeping dragon and does not care what you think or how you behave. After years of trading I worked out a simple approach to help see the overall sentiment of the market, which can help me stay on the right side of the market and make rediculous profits for me and my clients, without taking huge risks. Right now we are doing a - 50% OFF DEAL FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS CLICK HERE - TO JOIN FOR FREE [LIMITED TIME ONLY]

What do you trade?

Right now I trade big contracts on the indicies, S&P 500, crude, bonds, gold, silver, EURO and some equities.  My main focus is normally on the S&P 500 however, but I have a good handle on commodities and some equities. If Anyone Is Interested we have a 93% accuracy rate, and you can get  30 DAYS FREE TRIAL TO OUR VIP NEWSLETTER BY CLICKING HERE! It's GETTING RAVE REVIEWS! :-D

What’s the purpose of your blog?

I started this blog to keep track of my trades initially. I am one of those people that has to detail and write everything down, even my thoughts. As a trader of 15 years, I have learnt from the best and realised that 3 of my closest friends were amazed with some of my calls on the market a while back and they told me I should start blogging my daily TIPS, TRICKS & TECHNIQUES and also share my technical analysis with extra help, training and videos which I do in my private VIP MEMBERS SECTION HERE so many can follow along. Things really just snowballed from there!

Trading can be very lonely at times, and to be successful I have always put myself around some of the best traders, and I believe no matter who or where you are in the world as a trader you should "NEVER TRADE ALONE"

I am very passionate about this game, and I have business clients, and many highly successful trading clients all throughout the world! That is why my VIP membership is closed sometimes. It is very popular because I strive to help my members thrive. JOIN OUR PRIVATE VIP ELITE GROUP HERE FOR FREE!! - THERE ARE 2 SPOTS LEFT! DONT DELAY! 

As a seasoned veteran I do like to help people. I love to pass on any knowledge that I have swarming upstairs and hope it helps you stay ahead of the game, and helps you take money out of the market consistently.    No matter who you are – I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

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CHIP :-)


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