Web Statistics stock market volatility index - vxx chart

Thursday, 1 June 2017

stock market volatility index - vxx chart

stock market volatility index - vxx chart

"stock market volatility index - vxx chart" 

in the news stock market volatility index - vxx chart? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader is looking at the VIX chart and noticed some very interesting things. 

We feel the market right now seems complacent but stable. We even hit new highs today.....so Let us elaborate what we are talking about, we have probably had a very good start to the year. Over the last few weeks the market has topped out a little bit, but consolidating / in a sideways pattern.

Generally the markets are looking ok, but nothing has really crashed and burned, or fallen apart. So what we do want to take a look at is the VIX chart as you can see below.... Are things about to crash and burn and fall through the trap door like some out there are saying???

 Well, sure that is always a possibility. But if you look at the volatility index you can see it is extremely low right now signalling to investors are a little bit complacent but at the same time the level of the overall risk or a catalyst to cause problems is missing at the moment. So its hard to determine what is going to derail the markets in the midterm!! 

You can see that VIX is trying to break new lows at the moment, and is very very low. Right back down at the all time lows of support. We think this is very significant given the market has been volatile the last 12 months.....  

The vix has been highly talked about subject this year. If you go back before the 2008 stock market crisis you can see periods of steady growth and supported monetary policy always generated low volatility so in the broader historical context we do not think the vix here is unnaturally low. It just seems low considering where we have been coming from and when you zoom back 10 or 11 years!

Due to the high markets, we do not need to be super exotic here we think there will be opportunities in the broader equity markets and equity spaces, we talked about => to our members [HERE] <= As long as you are selective. Its not a time to play pin the tail on the donkey with stocks here. That might not end up very good.  
Whether you are looking at developed markets such as EUROPE or USA or JAPAN we do see opportunities across the board, and that is not just at the market level, but at the sector level as well. We have posted about this earlier in the year. We could still see markets run up from here, but overall we still do remain more on the cautious side. 

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