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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sentiment Trader Is Born

Hi Guys,

Chip here! I have been asked by my friends and colleges to start a blog. The reason was to share my tidings and good will amongst other traders. However I have soon come to realise, that many of my friends, family and colleagues are amazed with some of my market calls, as I am a full time trader, and this is how I make my living. I am really a no one and do not like to big note myself, but I do have a passion to help people make make money on the global stock markets.

I trade the S&P 500 futures, and other vehicles, and have done so for many years. I call this blog THE SENTIMENT TRADER because I do not normally go against the herd, I make my money by following what the smart money is doing and what I feel is the general consensus of the market is doing. That is what has made my trading so effective over the years. If I feel they are buying, I like to buy, and if they are selling, then I too will become a seller. My trading is simple, but yet effective and I believe we are about to see some significant moves on the market and decided to start this blog and share my thoughts, feeling and some of my trading positions for those interested.

I believe there are a lot of bad advice and lots of people out there losing money and it is my main goal to help those struggling and to give them the best analysis and direction on the market I can give, to help them succeed. Young, old, or in between I love to help others make money and become successful just as I have done. I have been doing this for many years and I hope to see you become a regular reader of my little blog here. Hopefully after years of searching for that perfect little gem you have found your home.

Good luck, and happy trading to you all.

Chip! :-)

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