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Friday, 7 September 2012

Quantitative Easing History - Shocking Secrets

Quantitative Easing History - Shocking Secrets
RANT WARNING! : For those that refuse to listen or have an open mind to the truth, this post is most definatly not for you! ;)

There is a lesson you need to know in Quantitative Easing History. Right now all we are hearing on the news and radio is how the NOVEMBER elections are coming up, and which man is the right man for the job. Romney, some rich guy, who only wants to get famous, or the black guy from down south, OBAMA who is the currently running the show, but going down as one of the worst presidents on record. 

Let's face the facts, here we have two boys in the school yard showing off, and trying to tell the other, MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS....With everyone else around them cheering. Pathetic really!, and at the same time, we are experiencing one of the worst financial crisis's on record. Just think about how much money is being pumped into these campaigns to help both these morons. Probably billions of dollars, yet at the same time, there are people on the street with no job struggling. Poverty is at an all time high and how much of this money are those in need getting. ZERO ....ZILCH.... NUDDA!

It makes you think about how the world really works, and that is what we are talking about here. This money is being spent and it is money that was not really there in the first place. Funny how that works...Right? And now there are hints of QE 3 (or quantative easing 3) and again they seem to be getting all this money out of thin air. 

Most people have not caught on yet, that the world in which they live is different to what you see on the outside. Beneath the surface there are evil banksters who have organised this financial crisis for a reason. To get more power and control. The next guy who becomes president (I am guessing it is more likely to be OBAMA in November) is just a puppet on the string for the elite. They already know who they want to take office and the most manipulative so that they can get their job done for them, whether you like it or not.

The sleasy white collar criminals lay beneath the surface, and love the fact that 90% of the people out there are asleep to what is really going on. Their plan years ago is succeeding. 

1) CREATE A TYPICAL SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM  (Quantitative easing, buying up debt)


2) CAUSE THE PROBLEM (simply to create derivatives, CDO's, Subprime, Leveraged Vehicles etc)

To the naked eye, most thought it was the opportunity of the century, and got involved. But just look what has happened since! The elite were always two steps ahead of everyone out there, and used their minions to implement and bring their plans into existence. All the while people with either limited funds or lots of money got netted into the scam. Are you starting to see what is actually happening now?

Now what we have is one of the biggest financial implosions on record, and the money for the middle class and poor is yet again being siphoned off to the elite and those rich bankster gangsters, just like they planned. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!, it is not just a saying, it has real truth. 

Quantatative Sleasing 3 (or QE3) as I call it, was planned even before QE1 was even implemented. They have an agenda and are sticking to their plans here at the end of 2012. What happens next, I am telling you is going to be bad, VERY BAD, because that is where they need things to implement more of their evil plans.

They are going to run things into the ground, so they can again buy them up cheap. That is what they are going to do whether you like it or not. This is already happening. It has already been planned and they have their weasly ways on how they are going to implement it slowly so the average person only wakes up when it is too late. When I say they will "run things into the ground", you are only just starting to see the beginning stages to all of this. When things are in full swing, you will remember reading this post and probably not like the things happening around you day to day or even in your home town. But don't shoot the messenger, I am just here to warn you.

Time to wake up and prepare was yesterday. Cause the coming storm is an F5 and most people will not be ready for it. Go figure huh?


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  1. Thanks for the warning, but you need to keep in mind that if Obama wins, America definately looses! I happen to trust Romney, I have confidence that he will do his very best to pull America out of this mess. I am also sure that if Obama wins he will do his best to continue to weaken America.