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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Is the bull market looking tired - Is the bull market looking tired

Is the bull market looking tired

"Is the bull market looking tired

in the news Is the bull market looking tired? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader has readers asking Is the bull market looking tired?

that is a good question we think....

what is really surprising to us especially the market performance of the Korean market, which is one of the best in ASIA at the moment, not only because of it being in Asia but  of the strength of the Huyng, and has been relatively strong verses the US Dollar. 

Not many people are looking at the pricing of risk, so with the risk in check, that could mean there could be a headwinds looming and things are not looking as good as they could be leading into the summer time period. We have some powerful charts that monitor that. It would mean there could be downwards reaction, so going into the next few months, we are warning clients to be a bit more on the cautious side. 

Here is a chart of the stock market, and yet again, YES, we have yet again broken out to new highs. :-)

Is the Bull market starting to look a bit tired? Really? Well all we can say is we can take a look at the hard data, which has surfaced. That is saying, for a long time valuations have been a bit stretched. What we are talking about is 1 standard deviation above the average 10 year trading average

As you read this post, the markets are pricing in a lot of positives coming out of economic growth, and more trump talks, and trump reforms, honestly we have not seen anything delivered yet. This just means we are rallying on hope of some good news, before the news is out. Sometimes this can lead investors into a false sense of security. But the way we see it right now, is that there really is nothing to panic about. 

But please stay in check, that in these sorts of situations there is always room for lots of disappointment. So if there is room for negatives right now, this would be it. 

The fed, is fully priced for another rate hike in June. So we will see what happens there. Plus earnings is finished and right at the end, the numbers were pretty good. 

The main reason why equity markets have risen so much we have seen positive earnings revision for the first time in many many years. We could chalk up another positive here as well. 

In order to have further upside potential, we really need to see more earnings upgrades, and the only way this can happen is to come from better economic conditions. So far the jury is out on that one, I am afraid, but we will wait and see what will happen. 

The other area our analysts are looking at is the ECB story. There is an ECB meeting in june, where we will hear from draghi about the potential tapering which could potentially occur in 2018. 

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