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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Death Of The Department Store - Death Of The Department Store

Death Of The Department Store

"Death Of The Department Store" 

in the news Death Of The Department Store? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader has recently seen the retail sectors has gone through hell lately, but it is usually times like this is when people come up with the best ideas. We think the golden eras of the big bright department stores and malls are gone. But there still our some strong stores out there.Stores like nostrums and Macy's and these sorts of places.

It seems that recently retail is all about connecting with the custom or finding out who their customers are. In recent times, they have fallen short and forgotten that. So that is why we have seen some drama in these areas. Things like your presentation, your service, your value. ..


You can see that in the last 6 months the retail sector has gone from 48 all the way down to 42, wow. Something is a-miss. :-0

Death Of The Department Store

These days companies like amazon, are connecting with their customers in a very different and transactional way. The retail experience has completely transformed. The reason stores and retail departments have been talking about is sale, and generating sales. Even though some online retailers are doing well, they realize in the end, they have to have a physical presence. 

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