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Thursday, 5 January 2017

stock market overbought - overbought indicator

stock market overbought - overbought indicator

"stock market overbought - overbought indicator" 

in the news stock market overbought - overbought indicator? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader had to warn the member of OUR VIP GROUP HERE about some of our fabulous indicators we have been using to crush these markets. 

We look at the A50R Tool, and it shows the market is getting a little salty here, and a little full. Its like a baby in the bathtub with the water splashing around, and the molar teeth growing and crowding the teeth. Right? :-)

Things are sure getting interesting, and this is happening right before Mr Trumpy pants, is about to step in the WHITEHOUSE. *sniggers* this is like one of those well written fairytale novels. I wont go into it, but we just like following reliable charts and I never share them on the blog. But I will today for several reasons. Here is the A50R one of our favourite for working out if the stock market is overbought and or oversold. 

 This is quite interesting. 

There are investors out there nervous about what is happening.

There is still a lot of uncertainty, We haven't had the inauguration, let alone details about his policies. Not everyone is sold that this market is a one-way ramp higher, and people are now getting nervous that TRUMP is all TALK and no ACTION....or will not be able to get his policies through WASHINGTON. 

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