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Monday, 30 January 2017

mexican stock market index fund - mexico stock market chart

mexican stock market index fund - mexico stock market chart

"mexican stock market index fund - mexico stock market chart" 

in the news mexican stock market index fund - mexico stock market chart? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader Has heard lots of rumors about mexico and the stock market there. With DONALD TRUMP nailing the leader there right now and also very immediate about putting pressure on the MEXICAN govt and building a giant wall on the mexico borders, their stock market is taking a real beating. 

You can see the MEXICO stock market is very unloved. Investors are panicking, and do not know what to do. 

. This is quite interesting. 

mexican stock market index fund - mexico stock market chart

The easiest way is to buy shares of the iShares MSCI Mexico exchange traded fund EWW, -0.04% Beyond that, several Mexican companies trade as ADRs here, or with pink-sheet listings that trade substantial volume. 

On the plus side,  with the peso down so much, you can expect an influx of tourists. That will help airport companies. The key is to favor those that do a lot of international as opposed to domestic traffic, points out Goldman Sachs analyst M├írcio Prado. He cites “buy”-rated Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste ASR, +0.83% as an example. If you have ever flown to Cancun, you have gone through one of its airports.

To be sure, there are risks with Mexico, of course. The executive branch has broad powers in foreign affairs. Though it’s not entirely clear from a legal perspective and any decision along these lines would probably be challenged in court, a President Trump probably does have the power to “unilaterally deliver major change” in trade relations with Mexico.

That would be terrible news because “for Mexico there is no Plan B to offset the potential blow from protectionism to the country’s export-focused North American centric economic narrative, so not wonder the chart looks horrible right now. 

And even if Trump doesn’t go this route, the uncertainty in the interim could take a toll on business confidence and investment in Mexico. That alone could be bad news for Mexico.

The plus side could be the fact TRUMP gets all this wall stuff done and gets off mexico's back for a bit. And people start to see the benefits for this trade deal and the wall. That would send the mexico stock market soaring to new heights. But for now, its the most unloved stock market in the world. :-(

The S&P 500 closed Thursday within a fraction of its all-time high

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