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Saturday, 14 January 2017

day trader secrets - day trader tips tricks

day trader secrets - day trader tips tricks

"day trader secrets - day trader tips tricks" 

in the news day trader secrets - day trader tips tricks? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader  shares some successful tips from traders.  

3 Secrets of All Successful Day Traders

With a lot of books and website tips out there on how to be a successful trader, you can really get overwhelmed what what you should be doing and reading actively to become an expert trader. Here are 3 tips that the big trading gurus do not want you to know. 

Secret No. 1: Avoid using physical sell stops on thinly traded stocks.

If a particular stock is trading less than 100,000 you know that the market makers are manipulating things, and they can see the sell stops of long side trades, and buy stop orders as well. Thinly traded stocks are a gold mine for these guys, as they can let trades slip in and make an absolute killing. 

They can exploit the secret screens and use everyday tricks to take your money and to sway things in their favor. Not many people know this, but they are doing this all the time. Sometimes novice traders will see an unexplained move. But all this is, is the market makers slipping in and exploiting the people who do not know what they are doing. In the end, this can clean you out and your account out, if you are not trading liquid stocks or equities, so make sure you learn this valuable lesson.

Secret No. 2: Never use market orders  when on the Amex.

Some of the bigger traders call the Amex “The Curb.” That will make this place an island of misfit toys. I have seen on the amex floor that most of the floor traders there will have full fist fights to get in the trade. A smart trader will never just blindly enter a trade. They will always study the chart first, and being astute will always know at what prices they will want to get in, and what price they will want to get out. If you do this, you are only going to increase your chance of winning, and decrease the chances of taking losses on the chin. 

There is a saying on wall st. If you plan your trade, you can then trade your plan. If you fail to set out an initial trading plan, or a plan for an individual trade, be prepared to lose your shorts. 

Secret No. 3: if you short the market LOOK OUT.

Remember if you bet on the market or a stock going down. What you are doing is going against the human nature and the way the stock market is designed. People have made lots of money shorting stocks. It takes real guts, but you must know its much easier to short stocks, and make money in a bear market! Shorting stocks in a BULL market can be a recipe for disaster, and the reason is that most stocks in a bull market will see a dip, only to resume the uptrend several days later. Know the trend, and follow the trend. People who do well shorting the markets, tend to do so in bear markets, when the trends or longer term trend is DOWN. 

day trader secrets - day trader tips tricks

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