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Thursday, 12 January 2017

spx daily chart 2017 - spx daily chart

spx daily chart 2017 - spx daily chart

"spx daily chart 2017 - spx daily chart" 

in the news spx daily chart 2017 - spx daily chart? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader had to warn the members of OUR VIP GROUP HERE  :  the SPX daily chart updated today.

There is much nervousness over trump being inaugurated in a few days time, but when you look at the chart below since april 2016, you can see that we have been in a massive channel to the upside, and we have been trading quite nicely in between this. Its no wonder the market has done nothing over the last few weeks, because as you can see we are up at the resistance of that 2275 and the rally we have experienced since the US elections were finished, in 2016 we seemed to have rallied TOO FAST and TOO HARD!!! So at some point, the market cannot keep skyrocketing. 

What is happening is 1) People are getting nervous about DONALD TRUMPS idiotic tweets. And 2) This is just the market calibrating, and SMART investors are waiting for the next Catalyst. Its obvious to us, that will be the swearing in of TRUMP and what will he tweet about next? LOL. Maybe his new hair piece? LOL. 

Anywhoo!!!.... we could see the market go higher, but at this rate, its any novice would be able to figure out, we are due for some selling off or some sort of PULL BACK at least!!!!  So far have not gotten one, but do not be surprised if you see a nice one in 2017.  We like to think of it, when people start to get bullish and showing off, that is when the market is most likely there to teach people a massive lesson. Just like BITCOIN the next few days. 

So watch out for the Inauguration. TRUMP is more known to be a TALKER, rather than a DOER, then that is not going to be liked by the bigger investors down on wall street. The clock is ticking, and Trump is about 1 week away from getting sworn in, so time will tell. In the meantime, here is the SPX daily chart, with the CHANNEL draw. quite interesting!...... 

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