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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

vix chart - vix volatility index chart

vix chart - vix volatility index chart

"vix chart - vix volatility index chart" 

in the news crazy vix chart - vix volatility index chart? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader shows a very interesting chart today.The reason is right now, at the end of 2016 after a very very violent year on the market. Everything is about the VIX. Low vix and usually that means a sell off is coming. HIGH VIX, and usually that means a strong rally is coming. This bull market seems to be continuing. That does not mean we cannot crash or sell off. Infact the VIX is a good pre-empter of that. 

You can see on the DAILY VIX chart below, that when trump got elected the VIX went into huge rally mode. And that was just a TRAP set for the bears. We rallied hard the days after, when investors realized HILLARY keeps lying to the people and change is a good thing. You saw the VIX sell off hard, and now we are back down at support.

On the VIX, you can see that we are back down at an area where the vix normally finds a floor. But what we want to do today, is tell you if you can study the vix you can tell which way the market is about to go. Yes! While many traders think they have the secret tool, only to find months later it loses them money. You can use special tools just 1 chart, like the one below....the VIX chart to tell you where the market could be going next. Its quite powerful. Yet traders still chose to ignore it. Its quite powerful and we have market the last 3-4 big events, that happened. 

This is quite interesting. 

The best way to explain this, is to tell you that the VIX is the inverse to the market, and it can be a real tell tale sign, of what could be happening on the market, when others do not yet know, we are talking about the novice traders. Some of the expert traders out there watch the VIX like a hawk day to day, and absolutely crush it. So when you see this chart above, you can see why. Current resistance is up at the mid 20's and support is down at about the 11 -12 region. Vix is currently sitting at 11.5. That in itself could be an important & significant level going into XMAS. 

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