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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Financials Lead U.S. Stocks Higher

Financials Lead U.S. Stocks Higher

"Financials Lead U.S. Stocks Higher" 

in the news Financials Lead U.S. Stocks Higher? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader has just seen the Financials Lead U.S. Stocks Higher, last week, and we wish to talk more about that here on our BLOG. 

We have had a good run in with our VIP PRIVATE MEMBERS area here.  over the last few weeks. 

Looking at the XLF or the financial sector, there is alot of traders who are missing this sort of action. Its quite interesting, that HUGE money has been flooding into this sector over the last few weeks, and as the XLF broke out of the 20 area, we have shot up to 23 very fast. Without a care in the world. Have a quick look at the charts below.  

This chart is quite interesting. Look at the huge rally up, on the FED news. Very interesting!!  XLF - Financial sector. 

If you are starting to get excited, ........DONT!

You might be too late to the party here, but there is no reason you should not keep watching this, or put it on your watch list. The fed raising interest rates is not only going to be good for the economy, its going to really help the BANK, REGIONAL BANK, and BANKING STOCKS!!!! i.e. XLF or the finanical sector is probably going to be watched like a hawk the next few months, going into 2017. SO this is just a heads up. 

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