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Sunday, 11 December 2016

stock market secrets - stock market secrets pdf

stock market secrets - stock market secrets pdf

"stock market secrets - stock market secrets pdf" 

in the news stock market secrets - stock market secrets pdf? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader love the fact that its winter time! But why? well do you realise why many people are FREEZING their asses off, there are several secret ways you can profit from the cold on the stock market. 

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But as a trader you need to keep an open mind, because in the cold, there are a lot of smart ways to make money. And no, I do not mean offering to shovel snow on someones driveway and earn 10 bucks. LOL.

What you have to do in this instance is THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. 

What do we mean by this?? well you could ask yourself which stocks stood to benefit the most, as temperatures drop around the country! 

Cold weather can help companies like Burlington Stores, pushing them into the top tier of expected same-store-sales-growth range when they report earnings. What we are talking about here is that sometimes, lateral thinking is interesting because some companies always benefit as they too may benefit from a cold winter.

As an investor you must realize, when the temperature outside drops quickly, people are more likely to stay inside, and curl up over a fire and read a book which would benefit a company like Amazon.

Here is the current AMAZON chart!. This is quite interesting as Amazon is currently sitting and holding at 768! 

Also another thing to think about is that as it starts to get really cold, people need plows and other winter gear. That would be another area to look at, if you are stuck on coming up with ideas. 

You can just think a little outside the box and even go find a pen and paper and write down what servies and products you normally buy religiously each year in winter, and that would give you even more clues. 

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