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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

bitcoin accepted - bitcoin accepted here signs everywhere

bitcoin accepted and bitcoin accpeted here signs everywhere? Surely not!

Yes, this raving boom in bitcoins has just been taken to the next level!

I must admit I have become a bit infatuated with what is happening with bitcoins, even here in australia it is being talked about on the radio, getting talked about on the major news channels, and people are going nuts about bitcoins!

bitcoin accepted
bitcoin accepted

It seems the world right now has been taken over by BITCOINS and if you are unaware, even shop owners, pubs, clubs and other business establishments are now accepting bitcoins as a form of payment!

So next time you out and about or walking the streets for dinner do not be surprised to see a flashing neon sign saying " bitcoin accepted " or " bitcoin accpeted here " signs everywhere.

bitcoin accepted here
bitcoin accepted here

Even the owners of EVR, a new midtown Manhattan bar in NEW YORK, aren't afraid to try something new. With back-lit menus that all dimly lit bars should adopt and a futuristic metallic tiled decor, it makes sense that this upscale bar and lounge would break ground by becoming the first Bitcoin bar in New York City. "We just like being ahead of the curve," admitted operating owner Alex Likhtenstein.

While there is no Bitcoin signage up at the bar currently advertising the new payment system, word is quickly spreading. Two customers paid in Bitcoins within 36 hours of the system going live, and EVR is making sure to let their Twitter followers in on the news.

Likhtenstein wanted to accept Bitcoins from day one. "I was interested in accepting Bitcoins since we opened in January, cause I was familiar with it, I thought it was a cool concept, and one of my good friends is actually the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation ... It's the kind of thing that's either going to revolutionize the monetary industry or is going to flop. If it flops, I don't lose anything." Charlie Shrem, the friend Likhtenstein mentioned, recently invested at EVR and is now a co-owner of the bar, making its transition into a Bitcoin merchant even more inevitable.

Not only do consumers enjoy spending their Bitcoins, merchants appreciate their advantages, as well. Likhtenstein elaborated on some of the business benefits, saying, "It's way quicker than credit card processing. It's a way smaller fee ... credit card processing, they usually charge 3 to 5 percent. Bitcoin, it's 1 to 2 percent ... and the best part about it is there's no such thing as chargeback for Bitcoins. Because Bitcoins, they're like digital cash."

While it remains to be seen whether Bitcoins will revolutionize the monetary system, for now, the partnership benefits both EVR and those who have this virtual money in their "wallets." As one of the few brick-and-mortar businesses that accept this form of currency, EVR is certain to benefit from New Yorkers happy to finally have a local place to spend their hard-earned digital cash. So with the talk and hype do not knock the whole bitcoin accepted here things, it might take off in a big way.


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