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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mini Apocalypse 2012 flash crash in the ES

Mini Apocalypse 2012 flash crash in the ES

You gotta hand it to these guys, they run the S&P down on small volume, very small volume on the announcement that House vote on Speaker John Boehner's proposed Plan B will be delayed until after Christmas! Bullishit does not even begin to explain what this is.

Lets go to the charts.

First the S&P 500 daily charts. It dropped 50 points. But the trend remains up for now.

Have a look at the mini flash crash created in globex. The S&P went down 50 pts in just a matter of moments on small volume. It really smells of Bullshit. So be careful. 

Take this into account. 

1) This happens before opex FRIDAY!

2) This happens on the end of the world DATE! HAHA LOL. :-)

3) This happens at the end of the week right before xmas. 

If it smells like BS......it looks like BS......well then it probably is. Manipulation at its finest. 

I know this going to be hard to believe, but I still think 1500 is coming soon on the SPX. I know with this FLASH CRASH type action people will be laughing at a statement like this, however I will stick to my guns for now. 

The market is still not open, so we will wait and see what friday brings! Are they just trapping traders shorts before blasting us up higher. Well I guess we will wait and see. 



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  2. You are right how the hey did Boehner collude with the hedge funds to force that mini crash. I bet he told the hedge funds to buy him some spx futures put since he knew that vote was going to fail. It was a set up complete conspiracy and like you said a lot of bullshit.

  3. Diego, yes! Bullshit is the right word for this, and look what they did after.

    That drop took little more than a few minutes, then we went back up to 20 or so points from the highs. Someone made a lot of money from that movement, and it was not the retail traders. Complete farce, but these are the things we have to be ready for. Nothing surprises me with the markets these days.