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Thursday, 13 December 2012

bernanke economy - the 7 secrets of the bernanke economy

bernanke economy - the 7 secrets of the bernanke economy

bernanke economy                                          bernanke economy

1)  In this bernanke economy the only way you are going to survive is do what those running the show are doing. It take no more than 5 minutes and punching a few things into google. Do you really think those that are creating the bernanke economy are in this game to hide there actions and idea away from you. NO! They have an agenda and even like to brag about it, and what they are doing to help you. Most do not pick up on this, but as said, it take just a few minutes in google. Seek and ye shall find!

2)  In this bernanke economy the mission is to first create the solution, then create the problem. Yes this bernanke economy does infact operate alot differently than anyone can imagine. Do you think the 2008 market crash, the financial crisis and the financial crisis 2.0 was an accident.

Of course it wasn't!!!!

They have a solution for everything. The reason is because they had the solution first. Then they created the problem for us, and pretended to fail. See how that works. A sneaky tactic, that goes under the radar and no one suspects it. This is the first time you have thought of bernanke economy like this haven't you? Do not be ashamed, because now you have been woken up and there is a fair chance after reading this you will look at the world in a different way and even read the news like you have never read it before.

3)  In this bernanke economy there is no witch hunt for those that do the wrong thing. Especially if you are a congressman, doing the wrong thing means a pay increase, a cigar in mouth and a pat on the back.

Things are not as complex as it seems in this crazy  bernanke economy.

4) In this bernanke economy the hidden secrets in this world are not so hidden. This year the secrets that the elite and the government thought would never be released came out into the open and shocked alot of people. But is this bernanke economy there is a rule that states, secrets will be secrets and have a half life. They do not expire, they are created only to be exposed one day, at the right time. When 2013 comes around do not be shocked when you hear how low and despicable those around you are. Do not be enraged when you hear of more lies, cover ups and the truth being exposed. Just realise that these secrets expired and the it was the right time for these to be spread out in the open for all of us to hear.

The Pandora's box to many more hidden secrets has only just been slightly open. Wait to you see what comes out in the next 12 - 24 months when the lid is ripped off and all is exposed.

5) In this bernanke economy we blame god for the bad things we see around us. A terrorist blows himself up and takes 30 others innocent souls with him. We blame god! But we do not realize the terrorists are brainwashed, and funded by the biggest and wealthiest people in our nation.

All god can do in this bernanke economy is look down and 'shake his head'. He mumbles to himself. What have I done? What have I created? He curses those that crave for his power and abuse it.

6) In this bernanke economy Counterfeiting is not a crime. The government and banksters think they can live under a different set of rules. There is an act of Congress that allows the Fed to get away with it.

What if this happened back 400 years ago. A banker from an earlier era would have only done it in the dark of night. In the time of Edward II a banker who clipped his coins would have his testicles cut off. In the nineteenth century one who printed up too many notes was soon disgraced and bankrupt. The best of them took their own lives in shame. But in this bernanke economy Ben Bernanke is treated like an honest man.

7) In this bernanke economy there are people waking up to the fraud, the lies, the misconceptions that we have had to deal with day to day. You might have chosen to wake up on your own, or it happened by accident. But you must realize the lies of the government, the projections put on us by the mass media,  who are run and owned by some of the wealthiest eliteists on this planet. They hate you for waking up, however with all the wealth, power and invulnerability they think they have, this is the one thing that scares them. They do not want to admit it, but more and more people are waking up to their stage play.

Please pass this on, and wake up those around you who are still in their slumber. Do not blame them, or laugh at them, educate them and help them wake up too. Help plant the seed. The sooner the better!


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