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Sunday, 26 November 2017

stock market russia - russian stock market etf

stock market russia - russian stock market etf

"stock market russia - russian stock market etf 

what the  stock market russia - russian stock market etf? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader told   ==> our VIP MEMBERS here <==  that there are lots of markets that look extended and in this world, you have to be smart when you look at things as an investor. Times could get tough soon, but we are not looking for an all out stock market crash!!

The FTSE 100’s rise to record highs in recent weeks has caused many investors to ask whether British shares are now too expensive and whether they should look further afield for bargain stocks.

Such fears are likely to be heightened by the fact that the most popular measure of stock market valuation suggests that the London market is indeed overpriced.

 The FTSE 100’s price to earnings (p/e) ratio is around 28, according to German investment firm Star Capital, well above historic norms, although the figure may be distorted by a small number of loss-making sectors.

When going bargain hunting based on our very accurate charts, we found a stock market RUSSIA, that looks far cheaper than some of the other overbought markets out there. We hit a market bottom last year, and ever since then the stock market has been rallying nicely.  

 This could be one to watch -- See the chart below.... 

Our Members here => VIP members here    Were told that, we have our own in-house standards that have been very accurate in picking low risk, high reward trades in the past. 

Although a reasonable Cape score is not on its own a reason to buy a share or index, and a high value does not automatically mean that investors should steer clear, the ratio can offer a useful starting point for the selection of stocks or countries in which to invest.

Studies have shown that investing in assets with low Cape valuations tends to result in higher returns in subsequent years.


Going by the Cape score, Russia is by far the cheapest market, with a Cape value of 5. Its market has been driven to very low valuations in recent years by the crashing oil price and international sanctions following the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine.

These factors forced a collapse in the Russian rouble and set off a financial crisis.

In December 2015 the Russian market had a Cape value of just 4.6, but stocks made huge gains in 2016, moving its Cape score up to 6 at the start of this year.

Returns have at points been spectacular, but the market is highly volatile. FTSE’s Russia index gained 89pc in 2016, but in 2017 stable. Our recommendation is you watch this market, as with oil prices recovering and favorable energy companies being sort after by bigger traders, we might see this market continue to rally in 2018. The chart right now is at least hinting that. 

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