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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

artificial intelligence is the way - artificial intelligence is the way

artificial intelligence is the way

"artificial intelligence is the way " 

 what the  best stock market forecasters are saying artificial intelligence? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader told   ==> our VIP MEMBERS here <==  that we think a new breed of A.I. could produce 'a new sector that we probably don't know about yet,' Nasdaq vice chair says

happening to the market so we can help our AWESOME

Firms exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) could spawn a completely new sector, the vice chairman of U.S. stock exchange Nasdaq said Tuesday.

"I think AI is really going to be the technology behind a lot of these great companies that provide the innovations that will be a new sector we probably don't know about yet,"  at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aust highlighted self-driving cars as an example of companies utilizing AI technology to create an entirely new market.

"You look at autonomous vehicles, things like that, they really do use a lot of artificial intelligence too. So I think we're excited about the early stage companies that are here, and we hope that eventually they'll come to market and list on Nasdaq one day."

Our Members here => VIP members here    were told that the executive said that AI could be "applied to really enhance and modernize a lot of things that we're doing today" and create more jobs, contrary to fears of mass job losses caused by automation of manual labor.

On Monday, physicist Stephen Hawking gave a less optimistic view of the technology. Hawking said that, with the potential of AI, dangers such as autonomous weapons and economic challenges could spell the "worst event in the history of our civilization."

But we think there will be tremendous opportunities here, over the coming years. 

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