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Thursday, 3 August 2017

how to predict stock price movement - stock market prediction software

how to predict stock price movement - stock market prediction software

"how to predict stock price movement - stock market prediction software" 

in the news how to predict stock price movement - stock market prediction software? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader has been widely regarded as very accurate stock market experts. several months ago, we won awards for our accuracy in calling the TRUMP rally. Remember that? 

But how did we really predict the trump rally? Yes! we actually did do this, and one of our members made off with over $34,000 profits in a matter of weeks!!

Quite astounding, but how were we able to do this? That is a good questions, so let us explain with charts....

We have what is called a SUMMATION SOFTWARE, which predicts movements on the stock market before they happen. Yes! you can actually do this, and we invested lots of money to have our software created!!!

1) First of all our NASI or summation timing chart alerted us of not only a BUY, but a HUGE massive BUY opportunity we have never seen before with our software. Here was the chart our software spat out in at the starting days of NOV as trump was looking at wining the elections. See the buy signal depicted below. 

THEN, after we were alerted of a buy entry, we issued an alert to our members at the start of NOVEMBER, we basically saw this was going to be a longer term trade and used technical analysis to spot more upwards rising action and the charts. While trump was in his honey moon phase, we rallied up very fast on the stock market as the economy started recovering and company profits were released and were very good. 

Then eventually witnessed one of the biggest rallies seen, and due to other signals we were ALERTED of a sell as the S&P rose up to 2360 for a gain of over 200 points on the S&P!  See the CHART depicted below. WOW
Total profits on this trade was 221 points!!!! 

You can see why we have won awards for our newsletter and stock market predictive software. We have not only used this to profit consistently but have the opportunity to help, coach and alert our PRIVATE members here. 

We have even had offers from the govt, and large financial and trading houses to buy this software, but we have refused all offers. The reason for this when we started this, our promise was to help people who were struggling to make profits in the market, and sick of the big guys on wall st, taking their money and charging big sums of money in fees....

you can try our SYSTEM FREE for 14 days - CLICK HERE. 

People think the big guys on wall st work hard for their money. They do not, they use logarithmic programs like we do to make off with huge profits, and then charge you exuberant fees.

We are popular and helping the little guys out there make money and consistent profits in the stock market, by following patterns, trends and studying what the big guys are doing. Mix that in with out stock market prediction software and you come with a potent mix of accurate and regular profits in a family and friendly environment. We put the odds in your favour and keep you ahead of the pack always. 

If you are sick of losing money on the stock market time and time again, and want a fast solution and award winning tactics we have been using, to make huge profits in the stock market EACH MONTH,  then you can try our SYSTEM FREE for 14 days - CLICK HERE. 

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