Web Statistics Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone - Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone - Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone

Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone

"Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone" 

in the news Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,000 Milestone? What this all about..... See below. 

SENTIMENT TRADER this week I have noticed 4 interesting things.

1.       In Switzerland for example, the financial market regulator gave Zurich-based Falcon Private Bank the green light on managing assets based on the blockchain technology behind bitcoin and other digital currencies.
2.      Early 2018, you will be able to trade BTC or ETH options on the futures and or options market. WOW! :-D
3.      digital currency has more than tripled for the year, versus gold's nearly 10 percent rise. People cannot ignore the attention.
4.      FLOOD OF MONEY! - overall size of the gold market at about $7.5 trillion dwarfs that of bitcoin. At Tuesday's prices, bitcoin had a market capitalization of roughly $57 billion, around the size of Charles Schwab.

Then you take a look at the chart, we are going up to all time highs, and its like nothing can stand in its way. Since we broke out of a classic ASCENDING TRIANGLE pattern a few weeks ago we have seen more buyers swarming in. 
 This is quite interesting when you look at the bitcoin daily chart. 

bitcoin chart - bitcoin technical analysis

The classic study we did on BITCOIN a while ago, basically in shorthand proved that BITCOIN had almost identical Characteristics similar to gold, but its digital. 

We could describe this as an Alternate currency going into 2018. Its getting popular. Supply of btc starting to slow which means after 12 or so months, as we go into 2019 BITCOIN will be a rarer asset than gold! WOW!

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