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Sunday, 19 March 2017

how to make money with virtual reality - how to make money with virtual reality this year

how to make money with virtual reality

"how to make money with virtual reality" 

in the news how to make money with virtual reality? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader has started to notice a rapid growth in virtual reality and virtual reality stocks. 

Investors are starting look for benefits from this in 2017 need to know which businesses or stocks are going to help them. How can you utilize AI without being part of the company? There is a lot of data needed to drive this technology and a lot of investors have not even started to jump on the bandwagon here. 

Amazon is one company that is starting to benefit from Artificial intelligence and big data. They tend to be ahead of all the other companies, when it comes to trends, and how using robotics and virtual reality to make their business work even better. They are telling analysts that they do have a few secrets up their sleeve but count the success to test things small scale, and if they work, then upscale and outsource this. It seems to be working, as amazon profits are doing quite nicely in 2016 and likely to grow in 2017. 

Amazon are still looking for providers or AI software. But they will be focusing on making their tech suppliers even better in the coming years, which will help get products to their customers quicker, and make things more efficient. There are hardly any other companies like amazon doing what they are doing, and in this tech space is sure to make them a giant in the coming years. 

One of the managers are Amazon was quoted as saying “bots are 
also good, and a paradigm shift from the average person calling up a real person on a phone. But until their customers really adopt these new bot  and AI intelligence, they will continue to adapt and work it in slowly! ”

Will the next social network be virtual?

There is evidence, that instead of interacting with Facebook on a screen, yes, you could be in a machine and talking to people. Just like virtual reality is just taking off with games there will be a great use for this technology in business as well. 
So there is a real possibility that Virtual reality will be a social platform in the future. But there a several stocks you might want to look at, if this growth turns into a rapid explosion, like we think it will be. 

 This is quite interesting. 

how to make money with virtual reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality could be the most social platform in the future.

But right now, there are bigger funds who can see the potential for companies like Amazon and Facebook to grow by utilizing the technology available right now or at their finger tips, so investors who are wanting to get ahead of the curve and capitalize on such trends would be better off to buy stocks such as facebook and Amazon outright. They seem to have a big bubbly bright future ahead of them. 

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