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Sunday, 26 March 2017

3 Tips On How To Be An Expert Investor

3 Tips On How To Be An Expert Investor

"3 Tips On How To Be An Expert Investor" 

in the news 3 Tips On How To Be An Expert Investor! ? What this all about..... See below. 


3 Tips On How To Be An Expert Investor! 

It may seem that on some days you are not informed enough to make your own investment decisions. But this is not that case. There is lots to learn about the complexity of the stockmarket, to ensure you make the most from your experience as an investor. But sometimes its might be better to seek the help of the services of a financial adviser first. 

Can an expert financial adviser really help you? Well, yes and no. However you have to remember there are people in the know who have certain knowledge and in the end, would you learn from someone who has been trading for 6 months, or someone who has been  in and around the industry for their entire adult life. 
There is no fast track way to wealth in the stock market. However if your purpose is to be a really good investor. You must spend hours each day, watching, studying and putting your mind to the test. You can get really good with the flows, and the rhythm of the stock market if you just spend 1 hour per day just watching. Do this for long enough and you could become an adviser yourself. 

The main aim as a novice investor is just to survive your first year. As the failure rate of newbies sits around 90% they usually think a few button presses is going to make them instantly wealthy on the stock market. But, you will soon find out this is not the case. You need to be realistic, set goal, and most of all set out to have your own clear defined trading plan, that you stick to like glue as you start to navigate your way around the markets.

Being a good investor is not buying the first stock you see, walking away from the screen only to return a day or so later, and seeing yourself become a millionaire. Some of the smartest millionaire traders spend weeks, maybe months investigating a stock, or bond and then making sure they have their due diligence right. Then they will go through a strict set of guidelines to ensure they have it right. It is said the average smart investor, or someone who has become rich by means of the stock market personally. They usually sit down, and do not come up with reasons on why they should be in a stock. They will sit down with themselves each week and come up with reasons why they should not be in a stock. 

You have to remember the risks are huge in any market. Anything can happen and any given point. IF you think the stock market is going to skyrocket each weeks, without sell offs and draw downs and horrific news driven events think again. 

In the end you have to remember, you are the one out there monitoring how the stocks are performing and making strategies on how to make the values of yours increase. You do not need an "expert" to tell you that, you yourself can be the expert, though it may seem strange to you at first, but you will definitely get a hand on it with time. 

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