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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

end of the world - end of the world as we know it

end of the world - end of the world as we know it

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Heads they win, tails we lose… That seems to be the public’s mood after the first presidential debate. But instead of focusing on the political dumpster fire, let’s step back and take a ‘trader’s eye view’ of the election.  

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This really is the ‘end of the world’ as we know it (but not in the way you might think). You see: Markets react to change. So we can expect to see some intense volatility before and after election day. Actually the aftermath could trigger a chain reaction in the global financial markets. For reasons I’ll explain in more detail during a special training next week, this election could be the most disruptive catalyst we’ve seen since the 2008 Financial Crisis. Regardless of who wins in November, now is the time to do two things… Take steps to make sure your portfolio doesn’t go up in smoke. Get ready to act on some truly unforgettable trading opportunities. You can call it the ‘Perfect Storm’… Or a ‘Tsunami’… Or a ‘Powder Keg’… Or whatever metaphor you prefer. But this truly is the end of the world as we’ve known it for the past 8 years. Let me be clear, one thing I am not doing is predicting Armageddon or anything. But if you look at past elections, there is every reason to expect dramatic price action. And this time could be like nothing we’ve seen before. That’s because the world economy has been propped up by central banks to an unprecedented degree since 2008. For a long time, all it took to make money was to buy the dips. Many seem to believe a rising stock market and low economic growth is the new normal. But don’t be fooled. Trillions in coordinated Quantitative Easing by central banks around the world sent the DOW to new highs (and interest rates to historic lows). There is just one big catch… Nothing got fixed. And, unlike in 2008, the central banks are backed into a corner. OUCH! In the last market meltdown, they papered over the problem with funny money. What are they going to do this time? Here’s the bottom line... The U.S. economy is the glue holding the global economy together, and the Dollar is the world’s de facto reserve currency. For the last 8 years, our markets have been the ‘flight to quality’ safe haven, but with this election everything could change. No matter who wins in November, uncertainty is the new normal. As traders, we’re fortunate that we can turn intense volatility into windfall profits. Even so, whether the markets go up, down, or sideways, NOW is the time to get ready. That’s why on October 5th, I’m doing a training devoted specifically to ‘Trading the Election’. The goal is to be prepared for opportunities in a variety of markets around the world, including stocks, bonds, currencies, and more… If you’re looking for sane ways to trade the upcoming insanity, I invite you to join me…
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