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Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Seriously rediculous Prediction

My Seriously ridiculous Prediction

Yes! ok, lets face it, no one knows where the market is going to go next, and this is true, but lets face another TRUTH here.

The S&P is almot 1100pts above lows sent back in 2009 when this bull market began. We are now in new territory, and multiples and ratio's are still low for my liking, and this means, there is a GOOD chance this market will rally up higher soon.

YES! I have been taking my meds, and thanks for asking LOL...

But 2013 has been a painful year for bears, and if you are one of them who keeps trying to short this market and losing out then you will not like what I am about to say....

Check out the monthly chart below...

While some might say this is a chart about to crash, or this chart is doing nothing. I would disagree, anytime I have seen a monthly chart like this in my 15 years trading, it normally means the market over the longer term is ABOUT TO GO HIGHER!

You can see just how bad it has been for the bears or those trying to short this market. OUCH! Even in the last 6 months this market has hardly seen a correction, they have been pretty pissy at best!

Like I said, in my own humble opinion somewhere in the next 2 years we should see 2000 - 2100 on the S&P. I know some people are going to laugh at that prediction, and in no way am I saying we skyrocket up to these levels quickly, of course there will be some corrections and bone crushing news that leave us hanging for a few weeks, however you must understand we are still in a bull market, and bears and those trying to short this market each week are only helping the cause to send us up higher, just like this week as the smart money keeps squeezing these bears out (and or their stops).

spx monthly chart
spx monthly chart

What the average trader out there is not realizing is that The Federal reserve are NOW BACKED INTO A CORNER, they have done it on purpose, and will be forced NOT TO TAPER anytime soon, if at all. YES!!! I am deadly serious about that. There is even a possibility the could increase stimulus. Wouldn't that go down well. But do not be surprised if this does indeed come to fruition.

There are cycles I have been looking at, hinting there is still 18 - 24 months of UPSIDE left in these markets that could end in the latter part of 2015.

Make no mistake, fighting the fed, is the quickest way to lose money in this market. So If QE is still ongoing to a large extent in 2014 & 2015 (QE across all of 2014 is now a given), do not be surprised to see this market KEEP GOING UP, AND UP, AND....UP!


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