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Friday, 12 October 2012

will obama win a second term

will obama win a second term in 2012?

With only weeks away now till the US election that is the ten million dollar question for political analysts everywhere and also the general public.

will obama win a second term and not only make history but also slay the negativity that circulates around him right now. The economy is struggling, families are in need, while millions of dollars are thrown in the they kitty to help Obama on his crusade to win favor amongst the american people.

will obama win a second term
will obama win a second term

Alot of people see the obama as a hypocrite, he has the gift of the gab, and is trying to convince people he is the right man for the job. However in the last 4 years he has not really fixed the economy, the housing crisis continues, unemployment is sky high and there seems to be another financial crisis 2.0 lingering just around the corner.

will obama win a second term
will romney win the 2012 election
   Close on Obama's heels is the mystery man Romney. He is clean cut, rich, lives in glamour, but realistically is a too chivalrous to win this election. He is scripted alot, and the show he put on at the debate a week ago was just a well rehearsed punch and judy doll play.

He seems to quickly poke fun at Obamas weaknesses and his monotonous screw ups over the last four years, however when interviewers ask Romeny what he can bring to the table, he seems stutter and stammer and read down off a script. There is a nervous there, that many people can see. An uneasiness that brings up many questions. This is a man that is caught off guard and is just enjoying the glitz and glamour of being up in front of the podium, and you can tell from the way he talks, and over thinks the questions that are laid out before him. Is this a man who is hiding from the truth and trying to tell the people of the US what they want to hear? Well it certainly looks that way.

will obama win a second term is a question that keeps being asked, but we all know intuitively the answer should be a NO, but who else is there for the job? This is going to get Obama over the line whether we like it or not. Yes, its going to anger and upset a lot of people, but there are too many unknowns with Romney. With the economy the way it is, that is what scares the average american household right now.

Speaking of households, the nation is getting to know the Barak family more intimately.

When his wife Michelle was asked  ' will obama win a second term ?' she delicately replies "Of Course He will!"

Make no mistake, his wife, children and loved ones are backing him up all the way. But he is going to need alot more than family and well wishes to win this one. Still he seems to have the majority on his side with only weeks away till the final decision is made.

Right now he is only infront by a whisker, no thanks to the latest televised debate, where he seemed to stare off into space bewildered  tired, and confused. But it is likely that the American people who vote are going to chose Obama over Romney. Maybe it is a case of better the devil you know, but no matter what you think there is still evidence out there that Obama clearly has it in the bag. But do not be surprised if Romney really makes a go of it. But it seems that Romney just wants to be famous for something, you can see it in his eyes. That is not a good trait you want to see in a president.

So, will obama win a second term, well forget the opinion poll for just a moment and lets get the experts opinion. Here is a very sharp guy from Australia that has predicted the last several elections with eery accuracy! His analysis of what is happening in the economy and political landscape is second to none. See what he is saying about the upcoming 2012 elections in November.

Click on the "play button" below to watch the short video.

will obama win a second term video


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