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Saturday, 27 October 2012

hurricane sandy - hurricane sandy will be bad

hurricane sandy warning

A little bit off topic today, but I was watching the weather channel at 2am today, and they are reporting about hurricane sandy and not more than 5 minutes after I had a friend send me an email, saying that his friends down in NEW YORK have a weather tracking station and software tracking devices, and told him to get the hell out. They are predicting hurricane sandy to be much more nasty than other people and the news out there are saying.

hurricane sandy
hurricane sandy
I think For the east coast, the hurricane is going to be very, very serious, lots of wind, power outages and flooding but people will be unprepared for hurricane sandy, so please stay alert and take the nessesary precautionary measures. I know it is on the news but people will not be prepared.

So if you are living in the direct path of hurricane sandy, please be careful  I have many trader friends, who read this blog and they have bugged out and left the area. Please be safe!!!  Maybe alot of places will flood that have not been mentioned as there has already been deaths and much damage in the island and cuba region.

hurricane sandy path
hurricane sandy path

They are saying Massachusetts will start to feel hurricane Sandy 's fury; and the governor has declared a state of emergency, but please if you are in the area, stay safe. After causing heavy damage and at least 58 deaths in the Caribbean, Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall very soon, so please bunker down and use common sense.

hurricane sandy
hurricane sandy

Forecast For Hurricane Sandy

As a tropical cyclone approaches land, the worst storm surge is almost always where the winds are blowing from ocean to shore, where the wind pushes the water toward and onto the shore. In the case of Sandy's potential track, this region is on the north side of the center. In this morning's GFS scenario, Sandy's center passes over eastern Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

This would result in the highest surge north of New York City: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and possibly Maine. The ECMWF forecast from this morning is a bit further to the south. It's suggesting Hurricane Sandy 's center will meet land in New Jersey. This scenario opens up New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southern coastal Mass. to the largest surge. In general, the places that will avoid the largest storm surge are those that are south of where the center of the storm makes landfall. The National Hurricane Center's forecast is similar to the ECMWF, but most importantly, its forecast is also to not focus on the exact point of landfall because of the size of the storm, and that widespread impact is expected.

Please be safe. 

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