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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

nvda chart analysis - nvidia stock

nvda chart analysis - nvidia stock

"nvda chart analysis - nvidia stock" 

in the news nvda chart analysis - nvidia stock? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader saw how Citron is trying to short $NVDA... that might be a bit of a horror story when you look at the chart...

$NVDA stock hit all-time highs today, and that reminded everyone about the power of finding the best companies and what those returns look like. Here's how $NVDA has performed:

1-month: +18%
3-month: +17%
YTD: +31%
1-year: +147%
3-year: +1,120%
5-year: +1,700%
All-time: +23,300%

WOW, a nice feat, and the fact that its helping the robotics boom right now, is another good thing. So, the stars are certainly aligning for NVIDIA. You can see it broke out to new highs today. . This is quite interesting. 

Even though the market is down right now, and the fact that nvidia is up, that is a good sign the stock has relative strength, and a good one to keep on your watchlist we think. 

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