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Sunday, 3 December 2017

ethereum - ethereum chart

ethereum - ethereum chart

"ethereum - ethereum chart" 

ethereum - ethereum chart - ethereum - ethereum chart? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader told   ==> our VIP MEMBERS here <==  that our blog is getting a huge following lately due to our hard work and predictions coming true in 2017. 

We are basically grateful for that, but also for the charts we use. No one else uses the charts we use, and that is why we think its important to note that. We are not talented or psychic, just use the right tools day to day. 

Bitcoin to us seems like 'digital gold' and will end the year we think at $10,000
but while that happens, keep your eye on  ethereum is likely to close at $500.
 and the money keep pouring into crypto land. Mellenials, think this space is more like  "digital gold."..... We would agree!!!

Even after a huge move already this year, we might see cryptocurrencies making another leg up before 2017 comes to a close. Time will tell. 

When going on the hunt for good charts, ETHEREUM, or the silver to bitcoin, based on BLOCKCHAIN technology coming, has recently broken out. Look at the ascending triangle patter, that developed over a serious of months. You can see how this is really one of those situations where the buys kept nagging the sellers and they eventually won!!! The price has skyrocketed in the recent weeks, and holding at current levels.... WOW!!.  

 This could be one to watch -- See the chart below.... 

Our Members here => VIP members here    e saw this chart, and we could be in a situaion where price head higher next year...time will tell. 

Remember "Bitcoin is built on an amazing technology. So is ethereum. 

The cryptocurrency story extends beyond its two biggest stars. While bitcoin easily leads the way with a $138.3 billion market cap and ethereum is second at $35.5 billion, there are 13 digital currencies with caps in excess of $1 billion.

Wall Street remains divided on bitcoin, as CEOs including Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase and Larry Fink at BlackRock have derided it even as professional investors see opportunity. Cryptocurrencies have overcome a string 

We predicted earlier in the year that this will continue to attract attention and cash.

We are in a new revolution and it has just started. 

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