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Monday, 18 September 2017

s&p aerospace & defense select industry index constituents - s&p aerospace & defense select industry index

s&p aerospace & defense select industry index

"s&p aerospace & defense select industry index" 

in the news s&p aerospace & defense select industry index? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Tradeder has seen lots of profit the last few weeks, so for our VIP members here we are looking in other areas or pockets of the market, and this week seen another interesting chart for our members.  

Aerospace and Defense ETFs which has been recently Rocket Higher

Aerospace and defense stock ETFs are rising on news of Northrop Grumman's $7.8 billion bid for Orbital ATK.

Aerospace and defense company stocks got a boost Monday morning on news of Northrop Grumman's (NOC) $7.8 billion acquisition of Orbital ATK (OA). Barron's Jack Hough, who wrote the cover story about the new space race and highlighted Orbital as a pick back in 2015, deserves a round of applause.

SENTIMENT Trader have gotten many questions about this, but we find  2 of the charts very interesting. 

Shares of Orbital are up more than 20% so far today to around $132.51. Northrop's stock is up a little more than 2% to around $272.63.

Meanwhile the $4.2 billion iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA) and the $863 million SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF (XAR) climbed 1.4% and 2.1%, respectively. The SPDR ETF is up slightly more because it tracks an equal-weighted index to capture industry exposure across large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks with roughly the same weighting in Northrop and Grumman. The market-cap weighted iShares ETF has a bigger exposure to Northrop than Orbital. Here is the chart of the ITA SECTOR ITSELF!!!....We went to NEW HIGHS today! WOW!!!!

s&p aerospace & defense select industry index

 One our our [ VIP clients here ] asked about is this gone too highs, and we think the answer to that is multifaceted, but it comes down to the geopolitical risks in the market right now. So if ROCKET MAN, keeps firing off rockets, we feel investors will shift and find shelter in safety so this might be a very good chart to watch in case these sorts of events continue to transpire. 

We did warn this might be a chart to watch back in JANUARY, but it sort of slipped through the cracks until this on going fued with RUSSIA and NORTH KOREA, which every time you switch on the news tends to be at the top of the news most nights. 

While the SPDR ETF charges a slightly lower fee, the iShares ETF has a longer tenure and a proven record for delivering slightly better returns. Over the last five years, the iShares ETF returned 22.39% compared to the SPDR's 21.89%, according to our data. 

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