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Thursday, 10 November 2016

secret stock charts - secret stock charts


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Stock Market Crash - Then UP

"secret stock charts" 

Trying to sit down to someone and explain the stock market this year in 2016, is a little bit like this!. LOL

Of course, things have really gone haywire since the announcement of TRUMP getting in. We are still in a bit of shock that someone of his caliber actually even had a chance. But lest be honest we all now have to live with this decision. So there is not much we can do about. 

Plus our members do not really care who runs the country because in the end, if you are a trader, or interested in the stock market. Its all about charts and indicators in this world. Here is one we like to share with our private members only. If you are unaware, even some of the BIG BOYS on wall st use these, and our members get full access to them. Its very powerful, because over the last few years this chart has been very accurate and always kept us on the right side of the market!!! So no matter the news, this is one of those secret tools that you need to know about.  Have a look below at the secret BULL / BEAR market indicator.    

secret stock charts
secret stock charts

Obviously nature knows everything and yesterday we hinted that Donald Trump getting in is shocking, and causing rallies and tension among people. But we all just need find a way to get along and how to fix the problems that are already out there in the world. 

Our own analogy is that TRUMP could be a very bad disease for the stock market!!!, Like a spreading cancer that is about ot get worse. But  how can we say that, before he is even in office, at the whitehouse. So right now, we will let this all play out the way nature intended. We have too many people out there on WALL ST trying to jump the gun, and say all sorts of things. That is not only the wrong thing to do, but we have learnt from the past that with POLITICS and the STOCK MARKET in general is to ALWAYS EXPECT the UNEXPECTED!!!

No one is able to tell what happens tomorrow, so lets just focus on what is happening today!!! Its the best way to move forward and stay on track. 

This victory for TRUMP we can assure you will cause all sorts of problems, and stir up controversy, but maybe in a way he will be there to shake up things? 

But we have been analyzing the markets for many years and can tell you that no matter who is in, and what happens to the market. There is always HUGE opportunities in the stock markets. And next year in 2017 when TRUMP is officially in the whitehouse, will be no difference, and we will vouch to work our hardest and find the pockets with huge potential and alert our members at the right time. No matter the good, the bad and the ugly there is always a time and season for things to turn good in the stock market, and we will be there to show you them. :-)

We have our overall outlook for pending 2017 period in the coming newsletter

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