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Sunday, 12 July 2015

hindenburg omen chart - What the hindenburg omen chart is saying

hindenburg omen chart - What the hindenburg omen chart is saying

So this week was obviously one of the most talked about weeks on the market. The CRISIS in greece is hot on the collars of many people, as their country is on the verge of bankruptcy, but the colluding morons and powers that be seem to be coming up with yet again, another plan to simply bail this struggling country out. Great job! LOL

You also have the CHINA market is deep free falling on a stock market, that has been in bubble territory for months. So retail investors are panicking at the moment, sending more shock waves across CHINA and throughout the world.

Is the market really crashing?..... Are there signs here that this market is about to repeat a 2008 CRASH!?? By the end of the week, we have heard all sorts of THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD scenarios and people predicting a 2008 market crash for next week. But is the market really crashing??? Its a legit question....that is for sure, but it can be cleared up pretty quickly with 1 chart.

Below is the hindenburg omen chart, a chart that we think is very under rated as a chart. YES! Basically the hindenburg omen chart is a chart that should be use to determine what is happening to the market in a shorter time frame. It has been used in the past to warn of crashes in 1987, 2001, 2008, 2011 and many more.

The hindenburg omen chart is quite powerful, as the 5 total charts can be used to see if the market is about to crash. You can see from the hindenburg omen chart below, there is nothing to worry about. What you do not want to see is extreme negative indicators all sticking out at once.

hindenburg omen chart
hindenburg omen chart

So the hindenburg omen chart is saying here to expect more volatility, but not to expect a 2008 style crash any time soon. Infact, a gambling man might tell you that the hindenburg omen chart you see above, might be a sign that this GREECE / CHINA saga, might be just another buying opportunity. Its hard to tell, but hindenburg omen chart is always quite helpful in different situations, but I realize alot of smart traders watch this hindenburg omen chart everyday, and so should you. It can keep you two steps ahead of all the other novice traders out there.


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