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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Trader Chi

trader chi
trader chi

Trader Chi - In depth guide

This post today is about delving deep and finding your inner chi as a trader. It has nothing to do with charts and news for a change.

As traders we always strive to do better, we all want to be able to buy the BOTTOM of the market and sell at the EXACT TOP right? We want to be able to curb our emotions and get the most profit out of the least time sitting behind the computer. When we start trading and putting our own money on the market we have these big bright light ideas, of making huge sums of money, and big houses, fast cars and all the glitter and glamour that comes with being a successful investor, only to find out sooner or later that trading on the market is not as easy many ads, or analysts tell us.

When reality really sets in you realize that you are just another trader out there with real emotions trying to beat other traders at their own game. Think of it like a game of poker, where normally the best player, or the player who has the most experience has the better odds of taking money from other players and keeping it for himself.

What I have finally realized over the years is that making money on the markets, that one should not be focused on how rigged the market is, or how good another traders is, we should be not be focused on that energy because at the end of the day the biggest enemy is no one but YOURSELF!

You are the one pushing buttons, and either making money or losing money. Anything else is just a distraction or an excuse why you took a loss.

Deep down, as a human being we all have the ability to see things for what they really are. Something that is obvious to me as a trader is that it is not about other people, or other beings who are trying to trade against you, it is about your education, your edges you have over others, and also how you control your emotions especially when things go against you. The most obvious thing for me is based on what you do today, is going to affect what you do tomorrow.

The more educated you are the better chance you have of profiting from your investments. The more education the better. As a trader there seems to be an endless supply of knowledge and experience out there, but you have to make sure you are benefiting from it, and it is right for you. This can take time, however if done properly your chi is well balanced and you can benefit greatly from it.

Education over time, will not only give a great wealth of knowledge about the market, it can give you HUGE edges over others, and like with out poker game example before, the more edges you have over others, the more you are inclined to advance and profit in time. They both go hand in hand as you mature as a trader and your chi starts to blossom. Suddenly you begin to get a certain type of confidence you never experienced before.

When you have an edge over other traders, especially novice traders, it is priceless and something no one can take away from you. You have already won half the battle to being a successful trader. It might be something no one else knows about, or can use but all of this does not matter to you, because your individual edge just works for you and keeps continuing to work. When you have a recipe that works, it is stupid to look elsewhere for something you think works better. This is a problem many traders have, they think the grass is always greener when they have found something that works for them. So when you find that system that works for you, you must continue to use that.

As you grow and understand things better, and can apply strategies and techniques that sees your accounts grow your chi begins to centralize and give you more confidence.  You will feel a flow no one out there is able to describe. All that hard work you thought was just going to waste is actually paying off big time.

When you get to this state, your human emotions begin to breed a sense of accomplishment because you realize no matter what myths or facts are out there, you know that on any given week you are able to sit down and take money out of the market, without getting greedy, without getting angry, without telling others you lost money because the market is just rigged against you.

Eventually you will have a deeper appreciation for money, and for the markets themselves. Again this is a chi level that many other traders out there will not experience, normally they give up well before it occurs. Its a very bumpy road to say the least. In fact at times, you feel like the path before has been completely ripped from under your feet, however these little events are just a test for your chi, and all part of your training. A warrior can never go into battle, unless he has trained, has endured pain and is experienced against his opponent. With trading it is similar.

As you grow as a trader, you remember your training, you will realize that you do have this CHI inside you and can use it to your advantage, every day of the week. Even when the markets are not trading, you can develop your CHI!. I highly recommend you do this.  You can use this and develop this, and use it as your hidden weapon, because many other traders out there do not understand this CHI and will never admit it was there in the first place.

I understand you cannot see it, but it is there! When you begin to develop your CHI over time, you will understand this hidden side to trading. It is quite powerful. But even more powerful is the sudden realization of the fresh rewards and continued profits that also lay waiting for you just around the corner.


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